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Everyday Icing stories will help you find your way back home: to your kids, to yourself, and to the magic of the world around us.

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Welcome to Everday Icing

Everyday Icing is a place for people who love short stories. Intentionally written without illustrations, these imaginative stories focus on joy, connection and sparking creativity in kids and adults alike. With a full collection of storybooks, audio stories and a blog full of resources, Everyday Icing is a safe place, for kids both young and old, where anything is possible.

  • Award Winning Stories

    Everyday Icing stories have been recognized for their excellence.

  • 2021 Purple Dragonfly Award Winner

    Awarded as the top short story collection for kids in the Story Monsters Ink. 2021 book competition.

  • 2020 Royal Dragonfly Award Winner

    Everyday Icing Book One was recognized as a high scoring short story collection across all literature genres

  • Story Monsters Approved!

    Received a "thumbs up" from parents, teachers, librarians and kids!