Let Everyday Icing stories help you remember who you are.

When you were a kid, did you ever lie on a blanket in your back yard in the summer and get lost in a good book? Did you ever read with a flashlight under the covers at night after your parents went to sleep? Have you ever wondered why you stopped doing these things? Or question why some kids decide shortly after starting school that they are "too old" to listen to a story?

One thing I've learned as a Mom is that all too quickly, the world tries to tell our kids who they should be, how they should think and what is or is not true. Often times, it happens so fast our kids aren't even given a chance to decide for themselves. We've missed a beautiful window to show them how to step into their own power.

Everyday Icing stories came about in 2018 when our daughters were between picture books and chapter books. I wanted to use my wild imagination and create a way for them to slow down, reconnect with us, and provide a unique opportunity for them to figure out who they are.

That's why you won't find any illustrations in Everyday Icing stories.

In every 5, 10 and 15-minute story, listeners are asked to think for themselves. They get to decide what the characters look like, and visualize how they navigate the challenges in each plot. Imagination is a basic building block for our kids to feel out their own world, heart first. Perhaps for some of us adults, it's an opportunity to try and do the same.

For anything to come to form it must first exist in the imagination.

In these story collections, you won't find orphaned protagonists and violent battles with forces of evil -- those themes exist in abundance already. What you will find, are narratives focused on joy and abundance, challenges navigated with courage and a dose of just plain fun and magic! Everyday Icing stories encourage kids to tap into their innate knowing and limitless creativity which is just the recipe to help them realize that anything is possible.

Everyday Icing stories are going to change the world.

All the stories and mediations are available in a variety of formats to suit the myriad of learning and listening styles, as well as lifestyles, to make sharing stories effortless. Feel free to browse the shop to find the formats that best suit you.

The blog will be a collection of everything that inspires Everyday Icing. All new stories will be posted there first! You will find discussion questions to help storytime be a time to connect and nurture critical thinking skills. If you're a homeschooling parent or a parent looking for creative ways to support your kids literacy, I've got you covered! I will also add a healthy dose of creative ways the topics in the stories connect to today's relevant themes in order to support you and your kids on your journey. You will also find a few posts sharing the magic of the realms unseen of nature spirits and elementals and how deeply connected I am to them.

So welcome, and thank you for joining our community. I hope you are inspired to look at short stories in a new way, and maybe even see the world around you with new eyes. I believe the magic is in the everyday moments, and I hope you discover that the fairies who were in the backyard with you as a child are still with you when you read to your kids today.

May sharing a story be the sweetest part of your day.