Welcome to Everyday Icing!

Welcome to Everyday Icing!

Since 2018, Everyday Icing has been on a mission to get joyful, creative and imaginative stories into the hearts and minds of kids. Since then, I realized that many adults needs stories too, to be reminded that it's OK to find pleasure getting lost in a story. This escape came easily to many of us as kids, and it can disappear awfully quickly when the expectations of adulthood shift priorities.

So, five, ten and 15 minutes at a time, I invite you into the world of Everyday Icing where anything is possible. 

In these stories, you will find dragons and fairies, no doubt the same ones you or your children may have already connected with. You will go on adventures with magical beasts and let your imagination run wild. And you will also be taken on heartfelt journeys into places where feelings just might pop up that you weren't expecting.

This blog is where you will be able to find resources, tips and insights that can help you share these stories. I'll post discussion questions and share new stories here first. And I'll make connections on the themes and topics that are present and inspired by the stories that are relevant for today to support you and your family on your journey.

I believe that sharing a story should be the sweetest part of the day. It's the time when someone is feeling heard, and someone is offering their presence. It is a time when we witness each other's lives from our hearts. And maybe, just maybe, stories can make us all better humans in so doing.

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